What is Lifestyle Arbitrage?

In 2013 I had an opportunity to work closely with a Romanian company as an advertising consultant.  This collaboration eventually led me to move to Bucharest, Romania and work closely with their team.  It was a fantastic experience and I eventually spent nearly 14 months in Bucharest.

Bucharest is a fantastic city.  The city is safe, bustling with activity, and extremely affordable.  While living there, I came to notice something.  While it was significantly cheaper than back home, I spent about the same amount the money in both places.  However, the quality of my lifestyle INCREASED dramatically.

This was an unexpected and rather enjoyable realization.

It got me thinking.  Were there other places in the world that could offer this?  My lifestyle in Bucharest was great, but how would it be in other places?  Even better?

Then I stumbled across the concept of Lifestyle Arbitrage.

What is Lifestyle Arbitrage?

Basically, it’s all about taking the high income potential of one place and living somewhere else that is much more affordable.

However, it’s not just about finding the cheapest place possible.  The trick is finding the best combination between comfort and affordability.

What place will give me the best lifestyle possible, for the lowest possible price? What place will provide the best VALUE for my money?

I was fascinated by this concept.  I’ve been generating an income online for over 5 years.  I immediately realized the potential.  If I found something great in a cheaper location, I would essentially give myself an immediate raise.  This would allow me to save money or increase my lifestyle, or both.

So after my work with the Romanian company ended, I immediately starting drafting plans to begin traveling.

We started our journey in June of 2014.

Our Goal: Wander and explore, in search of our “holy grail”.  We are ultimately in search of the place that offers the best overall lifestyle.  Where?  Destination unknown.

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