1. Spend a day riding around on the bus number 50. This is a city bus, but it is a hop on hop off type bus that takes you to see all of the historical sights in the city. It is only €2 for an all-day pass.  The meeting point is at the White Tower located on the Waterfront. The sightseeing bus tour company also offers a hop on hop off from this same location, but it is €10 and doesn’t provide any additional benefits.
  2. Take a stroll down the waterfront at sunset. This is the happening thing to do in the city. It is a lively place that has plenty of cafes, bars, and taverns. There are also many street vendors selling barbequed corn, nuts, cotton candy, and refreshments. You can also view the city’s famous White Tower and awesome metal umbrella sculpture during your walk.
  3. Take a ride around the harbor on a boat bar. There are several companies that offer floating bars. The views from the water are gorgeous, and the music and lively atmosphere are well worth the one drink minimum that the boat charges. The boat goes back to the port every thirty minutes and you can stay on as long as you would like.
  4. Visit museums. There are several museums in Thessaloniki that are worth a visit. The archeological museum is very good. This museum offers a glimpse back through time for this history-rich area. There is also the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The goal of this museum is to present different aspects of life during the byzantine and post-byzantine periods. Another fun museum to visit, especially if you are a nature fan, is Insectopia. This is a huge collection of various insects and small reptiles. The bonus of visiting any of these museums is that they are a great way to escape the heat of the day during the summertime for a low cost of about €6.
  5. Take a walk through the markets. A market is a place that vendors and merchants sell fresh produce, fish, inexpensive clothes, and other little trinkets. The people are energetic and it is quite fun to simply walk around and check things out.

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