We’ve stayed in dozens of Airbnb apartments over the last two years. We are currently traveling around the world as digital nomads and when looking for a place to stay, Airbnb rentals are often our first choice. Some of the places we have stayed have been excellent and others are rather disappointing.

What separates the “good” listings from the “bad”?

Often times it is minor details that hosts may easily overlook but are important to guests.  Here is a list of suggestions I would recommend every AirBnB host follow if they want to impress their guests and maintain good feedback.

9 Tips for Airbnb Hosts… From A Renter’s Perspective

  1. Honesty in Listing – nothing is more frustrating than having high expectations of rental based on the listing provided, only to be shocked by disappointing reality upon arrival.  Due to the pressure of marketing their listing, some Airbnb hosts are tempted to be untruthful in their listings or want to omit critical details about their place.  I really cannot stress this enough, be 100% honest about your listing.  Make sure the pictures in your listing accurately portray what you are offering.  Do not list amenities you do not offer.  This will set unrealistic expectations for your guests which will result is a disappointment.
  2. Kitchen Supplies – If you provide a kitchen with your listing, make sure your listing has everything you need to cook and serve a meal.  We prefer AirBnB’s over hotels because we can cook at home, keeping our food costs down.  Make sure you have multiple sets of glasses, plates, silverware and some pots and pans.
  3. Local Information – Some of our favorite Airbnb hosts have provided small binders packed with local information.  This is often extremely helpful.  Information about local bus routes, things to see and recommended restaurants are highly recommended.  Every city has “special” places that only locals know about.  Inform your guests and they will appreciate the effort.  Also include the address of the unit, so taxi drivers can find the place if needed.  We always appreciate this information and it will decrease the number of questions you get from your guests.
  4. Extra Linens – It is recommended you have an extra set of linens, such as towels, wash clothes and bedsheets.  This is especially important if you are having renters stay long-term. Only having one towel can be irritating.  It is a minor detail, but very important to the comfort of your guests.
  5. Household Essentials – An adequate supply of household essentials is important.  Items such as toilet paper and basic cleaning supplies should be provided.
  6. Open Communication – Our favorite Airbnb hosts have been very responsive to communication.  Often times there are questions and a good Airbnb host will be available to provide some basic assistance.
  7. Cleanliness – A clean listing is VERY important.  Airbnb allows hosts to charge “cleaning fees”.  Make sure that money is used to clean the unit.  Some of the best places we have stayed had arrangements with local cleaning services to clean the unit after each stay.  If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, that’s fine as long as it is properly cleaned.  Trust me, your guests WILL notice this.
  8. WiFi – This is a particularly sensitive topic for me.  If you don’t have wifi, do not list that it is a provided amenity.  Connecting to your neighbor’s bootleg connection does not count.  Also, if your connection only works 50% of the time, that does not count either. Please just be upfront about it in your listing.  I run an online business and only rent places with wifi connections.  Nothing is more irritating than having a host tell me I need to sit in the corner to access the wifi because it’s coming from the neighbor’s network…
  9. Check-in / Checkout – Make sure you think through your check-in and check-out procedures.  Check-in should be simple.  Clear instructions should be given to your guests so they can easily find your place or a convenient meeting location.  Briefly explain the “house rules” so both parties are on the same page.  Explain all the quirks of your place, such as how to turn on the hot water, running the washer/dryer, etc.  Also, explain how checkout will work.  Make sure you provide them with keys and any building codes needed to access the place.  Keep it simple and be informative.

Airbnb Hosts – if you disagree or have any further suggestions, let us know in the comments below.  Also, if you have a wicked cool place to stay, let us know.  We might drop by for a visit.  :-)

Travelers – Do you agree with this list?  Did I miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below!

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