On our way back to the farmhouse we decided to stop in Xlendi Bay for dinner. Xlendi Bay is one of the prettiest places on all of Gozo. Its inky blue water and magnificent cliffs are a glorios sight to see. The area was formerly a fishing village, but has recently been transformed into a hot place to go for tourists visiting the island. The bay has a wide variety of beaches, hotels, bars, and restaurants for a person to choose from. It is also in a very good location being close to Victoria and the sea.

We ate the best meal in Malta at a place called, Churchhill Restaurant, located inside Xlendi bay. We were looking for some good authentic Maltese food, and after looking at the menu our Maltese friend said Churchill was the place to go. We decided to get five different dishes and share them all family style. This was an awesome choice as we were able to try a variety of foods. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The restaurant is situated at the end of the bay, so our views of the cliffs and sea were not interrupted by anything.

We ordered two different homemade ravioli plates, a rolled mixed meat dish, grilled calamari, and rabbit. Rabbit is a Maltese specialty, so we wanted to try it. It was very flavorful and tender. The sauce that they used to cook it in was perfectly paired with the meat. The ravioli was also a Gozitan specialty being stuffed with Gozitan cheeses and served with a red sauce. The plates also came with grilled vegetables and potatoes. Everything was delicious!! I also tried the carrot soup, which was extremely creamy and flavorful as well.

As we finished our meal feeling stuffed and content we sat and enjoyed another bottle of wine. Our friend from the island also commented on how delicious and authentic our meal was. The staff was pleasant and very attentive during our whole experience. We were also pleasantly surprised with the low cost of the meal as well. For five people we paid just under €20 each including wine. All in all a wonderful meal!!


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