Comino Island

We decided to do a boat trip to take a day trip to Comino, the other small island that is situated between Gozo and Malta. This island is a big tourist hot spot because of its Blue Lagoon. This lagoon is crystal clear and provides a wonderful sheltered place to swim and enjoy the beautiful water. You can access the Lagoon from both islands, but coming from Gozo is much faster. The island only has four residents, all siblings, and one police officer. There is one hotel that has a restaurant and bar, but other than that it is empty. There are a few forts and such that were used to communicate between Gozo and Malta during the time of the Nights of St. John.

Before we got to the island we did a full tour around Comino by boat. We explored caves and caverns all around the island. One of the cool caves we explored was the cave that they filmed the treasure scene from The Count of Monte Cristo. We also stopped and were able to swim and snorkel above a pretty shallow shipwreck. This was pretty cool. The water was nice and warm and we could see so well!

The boat dropped us off in the Lagoon after we arranged a time for them to come back and pick us up. We were also able to bring a cooler with snacks and refreshments in it to the lagoon. We purchased sunbeds and put our snorkels on to head out for our lagoon adventure. Since the lagoon is a tourist area there wasn’t as much sea life as I would have liked to see, but we did see sea urchins, sea centipedes, and various fish.

As we finished swimming we soaked up some rays relaxed in the sun. The Blue Lagoon doesn’t have much for food, but there is a place you can get cold drinks and small snacks. We decided to leave the lagoon a bit early so that we could avoid the crowds, which was a great plan since it was pretty busy when we left at 1:30 pm. One word to sum up our day trip on Comino, Perfection!

Comino Island 2

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