La Tagliata is by far the best restaurant in all of the Amalfi Coast area. If you are looking for delicious food and a great atmosphere this is the place to go! The minute we walked into La Tagliata we felt like we were family. All of the staff were warm and welcoming. The scenery was stunning, and the fresh food grown on-site filled the air with pleasant aromas. We sat down and they brought us waters and wine. They didn’t offer us a menu; they simply said that they would bring us a variety of wonderful dishes from their momma’s kitchen.

Our Four-Corse Meal
The first course was an anti-pasta course. This consisted of eight different plates of various items such as salads, beans, eggplant parmesan, pickled vegetables, chickpeas, and assorted cheeses. Everything was delicious and OMG there was a lot of food.

The second course was the pasta course, my personal favorite. We were given four different types of pasta with this course. Pumpkin ravioli, stuffed gnocchi, zucchini pasta, and rolled cantonal. These were all AMAZING!! The consistency and flavor were out of this world!

La Tagliata

At this point, we were completely stuffed! But it was time for course number three, the grilled course. This consisted of sausages, beef, chicken, and pork. It was juicy and tender. We weren’t able to eat it all, so they kindly packed it up into a takeaway bag.

As we were sitting there ready to continue our walk they brought out the dessert tray. WOW!! What an amazing assortment of delicious treats. There were different types of pies and custards as well as tiramisu and other treats that I can’t even describe. It was so enjoyable and amazingly tasty too.

La Tagliata 2

Before the bill came we were a bit nervous being that this was the best restaurant we had been to thus far. When it came we were pleasantly surprised with the cost per person. We drank multiple bottles of wine and ate more than we care to admit, and it was 35 Euro per person. What an awesome meal! La Tagliata definitely provided us with the best meal that we ate in all of Italy’s hands down!!

The grounds of the restaurant are full of terraced areas where they grow fresh fruits and veggies that they use in their dishes. They also have multiple dining areas that all have magnificent views from high above the coast. Another cool thing about the restaurant is that they offer two suites that people can rent out by the week. The suites offer private terrace areas and one even has an outdoor/indoor jacuzzi looking out over the seaside. For more information about the delicious food and wonderful atmosphere at this restaurant you can visit:

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