A nice chat and a warm smile with a friendly island local gave us several recommendations. She highly recommended for us to go check out Panagia Krimniotissa Church. This tiny church sits on top of a mountain that overlooks Pahia Ammos beach. This was an interesting adventure, to say the least.

We rented a scooter (like usual) so that we could really explore the island and blaze our own trail. After cursing around much of the island, we made our way over to where the church was located. We were warned that the dirt road may not be good enough for us to make it up to the top on a scooter, but we decided to throw caution into the wind and try anyway. But to our disappointment, as we were chugging along up the hill, the scooter began to slow. We soon realized I would need to get off and walk up the steeper graded areas. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hot and the walk was pretty enjoyable.

As we reached the church we felt a sigh of relief. We made it! There was a little restaurant at the top next to some steps that led up to the church. The church was so small and quaint. It was perched atop this amazing mountainside. As I walked around taking pictures and soaking up the amazing views, I heard the roar of thunder and realized that the rain was coming and coming quickly.

By the time we got down to the scooter, it was pouring. We ran into the restaurant terrace area and decided to have ouzo while we waited for the rain to die down. As we sat there, the rain got harder and started to come through the thinly thatched roof. We escaped down the stairs and ducked into the kitchen area. We ended up talking with a lot of greek people and drank more ouzo with them. The owner offered us a free greek dessert, traditional sour greek yogurt with honey. It was really delicious and much appreciated.

When the rain stopped we went back up the steps to the church area. The mountaintop after the storm was serene and peaceful. We could see the storm in the distance rolling through other areas of the island. We knew it was time to head out. The drive down was rough and muddy, just as we assumed it would be, but the experience was amazing.  Definitely a “must-see” on the island.

Amazing church.  Ouzo with locals. Free dessert. All in all, a great day.

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