We ate at several restaurants in Meteora during our stay. Our favorite on was “Taverna to Parmithi”. This place has an awesome garden-style outdoor eating space. The grapevines growing over the terrace provide shade and cast the perfect light over the tables. The indoor eating area is really cute too. It is decorated really nicely and has a very charming feel to it. I really liked the antique cash register at the counter and all of the old wine barrels and other antiques they have on display.


We started our lunch off with a half-liter of red table wine. It was reasonably priced and had great flavor. I must say, being from the wine region of California, I was pretty impressed with this “table wine”.  We decided to order appetizers and salad. We noticed that there were zucchini balls on the menu. We had recently been told that there was a “must try” while we were in Greece. They are a blend of shredded zucchini, feta cheese, onions, and other spices and seasonings, fried up in a little patty. They are served with Tzatziki, which is a greek yogurt that has shredded cucumber, garlic and other herbs in it. The two paired together were delicious.

We also ordered the special appetizer of the day which was garlic bread. We hadn’t had much garlic bread since Italy so we were pretty excited. When the plate came out, we were even more thrilled. The slices of bread were oven-baked and drizzled with olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, and herbs. Can we just say “yummy”?

We decided to go with the Greek salad, as we both really enjoy the fresh light flavors. It was very tasty. The tomatoes were very fresh and firm and the cucumbers were crisp and added just the right crunch. The feta cheese was seasoned perfectly and was extremely fresh. We were very pleased with our choice.

Costs of the meal

Greek Salad€3.90Garlic Bread€3.00Zucchini Balls€3.50Wine x 2€6.00Total Cost€16.40

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