The waterfalls of Samothraki are famous and make this small, remote island a “must-see” destination.  Trekking and exploring through numerous river valleys was one of the highlights of our trip to the island.  I was told by a local that there are over 200 waterfalls on the island.  We only had time to visit a few on our trip, but that was enough for us to fall in love with this majestic island.

If you visit Samothraki, you must visit the waterfalls.

There are many different hikes to waterfalls that you can do on Samothraki.  The small island has about 20 different rivers, flowing down from the huge mountain to the ocean.  These freshwater rivers are amazingly clear and cascade down through gorgeous rocks into marvelous pools.  The pools are freely enjoyed by swimmers, while in the midst of the raging waterfall dropping from above.

Waterfall of Samothraki

We found that the most hiking trails included 3-5 different waterfalls with swimming pools.  Each one of them became less and less populated the hike continued upward.  We were able to stop and take a break to cool off, as we made our way both up and down the mountain.

Tips for Visiting the Waterfalls on Samothraki:

  1. Bring a backpack – The hikes are fairly long and moderately strenuous.  Bring a backpack with extra water and some snacks.  Most hikes are about 3-4 hours, so plan accordingly.
  2. Swimsuits – Make sure you bring a swimsuit.  You will want to swim in these pools!
  3. Good shoes – Wear good shoes.  Sandals are not recommended.  The trails can get fairly rough, so protect your feet.
  4. Nude bathers – There were quite a few of “nudies” swimming in the pools.  Don’t let this scare you away, but you have been warned.  :-)
  5. Camera – Definitely bring a camera.  The views are incredible.
  6. Talk to locals – I wish I could give you detailed instructions on which trails we went on, but we just kind of wandered and explored.  Locals will point you in the right direction.
  7. Check the weather – These river valleys fill up with water when it rains.  Flash flooding could be a concern in some places.  It’s best to check the weather before departing.

Honestly, we were not initially impressed with Samothraki when we first arrived.  We were told of the legendary beauty of this island but really did not see it anywhere.  It just seemed like a typical Greek island with nothing special.  And then we found the waterfalls and it all made sense.

Visit Samothraki.  Swim in the waterfalls.  Thank us later.

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