he Amalfi coast is an absolutely gorgeous area of Italy. If you are interested in crystal blue waters and breathtaking views, this is the place for you! There are so many little towns along the coast. Each one offers travelers something a little different. Whether you are interested in shopping, sunbathing, hiking, or simply relaxing with a nice cold beer or glass of wine, then a trip to the Amalfi Coast won’t disappoint you.

The area cannot be accessed by plane, so the best thing to do is to take a flight or train into Naples, and then ride the train the rest of the way down the coast. The cost of the train from Naples was under 5 Euro and the route passes by key stops such as Pompeii, on the way to the Sorrento station. At this station, you get off the train and board the SITA bus that will take you all along the coast to as far as Salerno. You can get a 1-day ticket for 6 Euro or a 3-day for 12 Euro. We purchased the 3-day since we would be exploring the area for a few days. The buses were quite nice and offered an area to store luggage underneath. Warning: If you get a car sick to make sure that you sit towards the front of the bus as the roads are very narrow and curvy.

Our Airbnb was in a small village halfway between Amalfi and Praiano called, Conca de Marini. It was an extremely quiet area and the apartment had a beautiful terrace looking out to the water. The only problem with the area was the fact that there weren’t a lot of restaurant choices, and the nearest town was about 5k away. This would normally be a very close and easy walk, but being on the coast the cliffs were quite challenging to walk up and down.

We explored many of the cities during our trip to the Amalfi Coast and had a wonderful time. Overall, the scenery and views of the water were amazing. The one drawback to the area was the prices of things. Being in smaller villages and towns that many tourists flock to during the summer season makes for a drain on the pocketbook. Another great piece of information I can share with you is that all of the train stations along the coast have a luggage check area. The cost is 1 Euro per bag. This can be a great way to explore cities on your way up or down the coast.

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