Secret Beach

During our stay in Dionysis, our Airbnb host family offered to take us to a nearby beach several times throughout our month-long stay. This “secret beach” is a wonderful hidden gem that only locals from the area know about. It is a secluded little cove that one can access via a small hiking trail from the main road of a small village. It was a good thing we were with the family, as we would have never found this amazing place. We gathered our stuff and started the short hike along a small trail that leads to a series of stairs leading down to what they described as a beach “like an island.”

When we arrived, there were only two other groups set up on the beach during our first visit. The beach is made up of small smooth pebbles that are all sorts of different shapes and colors. It was magnificent. The water was a bit rough that first day, especially for the Aegean Sea. The other few times we went, the water was extremely calm. When looking out, as I was reading on my kindle, I felt as if I was looking into a crystal clear pool. It was marvelous. One of the really amazing things we did while at the beach, was to take a nice long swim down the coastline. There were several different coves and beaches along the way. They all appeared to be only accessible from the water. These were great places to rest as we were swimming along. They also offered new views and areas that I could collect little shells and pebbles.

During one of our visits, we ate at a local restaurant that offered nice sea views and great seafood. We ordered family style and were able to try a lot of different local dishes. The family ordered little barbecued sardines. We tried them, but I was not a fan. We also had crispy calamari and grilled zucchini, which has become a favorite food while we’ve been in Greece.

On the last day we went, we decided to go late in the afternoon. The sun had set behind the rocks that shelter the cove of the beach and it was great. It had been a really hot day and the water felt amazing. We floated and swam in the calm water. We had gorgeous views of the sunset from the water. I was totally bummed that I don’t have a waterproof/underwater camera yet! Some of those shots would have been amazing. As the sun went down, I realized that I had never swum in a sea or ocean at night before. It was really quite fun. Overall, the days we spent at the “secret beach” were all amazing and offered us a taste of Greek paradise.

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