There are many beautiful places you can watch the sunset in Meteora. The area is marvelous for stunning views as it is, and with the sunset creating vivid pinks, oranges, and purples across sky and valley, it is sure to “knock your socks off.” Meteora also has several mountains in the background that makes for an awesome backdrop to view mother nature at her finest.

We were in Meteora for three nights and spent time scouting good sunset locations.  We rented a scooter and were able to cruise around and find the best locations.  To be completely honest, nearly everywhere on either ridge is a decent location to watch the sunset.  Here are some of the notes of our favorite locations we found.

The first spot is located right around the Holy Trinity monastery. This location offers views of the valley, as well as views of the village of Kalambaka.  This location is very easy to access and was our favorite spot on the West Ridge.

The second great location is out at the monument above the Great Meteoran Monastery. This area offers a slightly different view of the mountains and landscape beyond the valley.  This location requires a 25-minute hike on a well-defined trail.  Keep in mind, it will be pretty dark on your return trip after the sun goes down.

Our personal favorite location was on the Eastern side, directly above Rousanou Nunnery. There is a small parking area right above the stairs that leads down to the monastery. There are some very large,  smooth rocks directly in front of the parking area. This is where you will find the “million-dollar view”. This place offered stunning vistas of the valley, monasteries, and rock formations. As the sun goes down, the shadows cast by the rocks are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Tip: Pick up a bottle of wine and some snacks and head up to the spot early for a nice picnic. There is a spot on the tip of the rocks that is absolutely perfect for sitting back and enjoying the views. Be sure to get there early, as this is a prime location that many people frequent.

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